Pudding Powder

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    Key Features

    1. Specifications:
        Bag* 1kg;


    2. Ingredients:

        Seasoning, non-dairy creamer, sugar, jelly powder


    3. Product Description:

        To make pudding


    4. Type:


    Egg Flan,Taro Flan,Milk Flan,Chocolate Flan,Strawberry Flan,Mango Flan,Matcha Flan,Almond Flan,Coffee Flan,Cheese Flan


    4. Preparation:


    (1) Ratio:


    Powder:Water = 1:6 or 1:12


    (2) Method:


       i. Add 1kg pudding powder to boiling water (5-6kg) and well-mix without turning down


      ii. After boiling, stew about 15 minutes and then turn down


      iii. Pour cooked pudding into model, wipe the bubble out and cool down


    Small Order Recommendation

    USD  94.00-94.00
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