Pudding Powder

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    Key Features

    1. Specifications:
        Bag* 1kg;


    2. Ingredients:

        Seasoning, non-dairy creamer, sugar, jelly powder


    3. Product Description:

        To make pudding


    4. Type:


    Egg Flan,Taro Flan,Milk Flan,Chocolate Flan,Strawberry Flan,Mango Flan,Matcha Flan,Almond Flan,Coffee Flan,Cheese Flan


    4. Preparation:


    (1) Ratio:


    Powder:Water = 1:6 or 1:12


    (2) Method:


       i. Add 1kg pudding powder to boiling water (5-6kg) and well-mix without turning down


      ii. After boiling, stew about 15 minutes and then turn down


      iii. Pour cooked pudding into model, wipe the bubble out and cool down